Ecuador Internship

Ecuador’s rich biodiversity, cultural heritage and green destination make it one of South America’s gems for travelers. Even with all the natural wonders, it is the Ecuadorian people that make an experience truly rewarding and memorable.

Our Ecuador Internship is a great exciting and challenging ways participants can jump-start their professional career. International internship is a truly mean to invest in your own personal and career growth because it gives students the opportunity to gain hands on practical skills, this is why Ecuador Study Abroad offers you to take part of this magnificent opportunity to enroll with professionals and acquire real-life professional experience.

Participants who enjoy in our internship program will benefit dynamic experience while being immersed in a new culture and language and fulfill their professional and personal goals.

ESA provides opportunities for interns in many fields to get professional training experience, whilst learning about Latina America culture and Ecuadorian lifestyle.

Ecuador Internship program is customized according to intern’s requirements and fields such as: education, veterinarian, sustainable development, social work, and hospitality, medicine, environmental, conservation and other internship categories.

During your internship, you help by using sustainable development techniques, monitor, evaluate, and further improve already implemented sustainable development programs. In the project focused on education, interns attend; teach English and other subjects in local schools. In social work project, students assist the social worker in instructions in the following subject areas: recreation, hygiene, value, health, identity, and personal care. Medical internship gives to participants invaluable preparation for a career in medicine, this program is for pre-medical or medical students who will involve carrying out medical duties within the hospital or clinic. As a student in the Agriculture internship program, help rural agricultural communities in the mountains of Ecuador on various mini-projects as organic agriculture, fair trade, permaculture, soil fertility and Agroforestry. Conservation internship intern coordinates activities and new ideas at a basic research camp near some of Ecuador´s protected areas. With Ecotourism program, interns coordinate and evaluate the opportunities of expanding eco-tourism activities with community participation to improve local tourist spot. Hospitality internship student involves side by side with local staff in a lodge, hotel, restaurant and work in daily duties as: office, sales, culinary, events, food, beverage, planning tourism packages, guiding, among others.

Ecuador Internship

The Eco business internship participant embarks on a unique journey with communities in their ecological business as coffee, handcrafts or chocolate to promote their local products, fair trade, learning the processes and daily activities. 

Those and more are the programs that Ecuador Study Abroad provides you to gain life experience; we help you to find the right Ecuador Internship program that fits your interests best. For specific information, please feel free to ask.

Ecuador Internship

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