Ecuador Study Abroad Program


Ecuador Study Abroad Program (ESA) is an Ecuadorian company Ecuador Study Abroad Programfounded by Maria and Fredy, a couple who studied Ecotourism and experimented living with indigenous families in the Amazon and Andes. As a result, they gained much knowledge, experience and discovered just to how interesting it is to be among other cultures.

Maria’s experiences include living as an exchange student in the USA when she was 18 years old and worked with a international volunteer organization for 5 years. She has taught Spanish for years and works with a volunteer company.

Fredy has broad experience of leading tours around Ecuador, as he has his own tour company in Mindo, a parish in the Cloud Forest region of Ecuador.

Now, they are working together to offer participants from different ages the very best experience in cultural exchange and Ecuador Study Abroad Program.

Ecuador Study Abroad Program


To provide participants with environments emphasizing different aspects in the area of study, through a unique and full immersion experience in Ecuador with our Ecuador Study Abroad Program : study tours, cultural exchange, Spanish language courses, internship and volunteering.


To be one of the best exchange programs and study tours, and at the same time meeting each participant┬┤s goal by focusing on different studies.

Ecuador Study Abroad Program

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